7 Steps to a Balanced Budget at the Airport

The airport is the hub of modern day travel.  This hub can also get you off to a bad start as you may find your budget takes a premature hit!  Plan ahead and save that money for something much more exciting by following our quick tips:

  1. Eat before you get to AirportTravelthe airport Airport food is expensive and sometimes the selection is not what you are looking for so eat before you arrive and bring a snack with you to eat before heading through security.
  2. Take only a personal item and a carry on It is faster, cheaper, and easier to skip checking luggage if you can manage it.  Otherwise combine with fellow travelers to avoid paying bag fees.
  3. Avoid parking fees by taking public transportation – or getting a ride to the airport from a friend.  There is no need to pay 10+ dollars a day to leave your car in a parking lot.
  4. Bring reading material as mentioned above buying items at the airport is expensive and entertainment is included so be prepared and pack your books or magazines in your carry on.
  5. Make sure you have cash and avoid ATM fees.  Also cash helps with budgeting but make sure you carry your Debit and/or Credit Card just in case.
  6. Follow the airport carry on policies because you are either going to have to pay to mail that item to yourself or have to thow it away.
  7. Arrange for someone to pick you up from the airport as this will save you on the money you would have to spend on renting a car or taking a taxi. 

 These 7 tips will help open or close your trip without breaking your bank. Do you have tips of your own to help save money during vacation travel?  Share them below!

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