A Trip to Tuscany is a Phone Call Away (and a few thousand miles)

Start planning now for the trip of a lifetime! Next October, Standard Bank customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds—and tastes— of Italy on this fabulous trip, with sightseeing in Rome followed by a Culinary Tour of Tuscany.

The savvy travel professionals at Mayflower Tours have put together nine days of incredible “insider” experiences and breathtaking sights, including a trip to a Tuscan market with a local chef, followed by a hands-on cooking lesson and lunch in a villa kitchen.

If you’ve participated in our Travel Club adventures Travel Club Tuscanybefore, you know that it’s a very special benefit only for Standard Bank customers. And, it’s a great way to enjoy exciting destinations both near and far, without the hassle of making all the arrangements yourself. If you haven’t participated before, our Tuscan Culinary Tour is sure to whet your appetite!

Your trip begins when Mayflower Tours picks you up at your home—no wrestling with luggage on a mad dash to the airport. You land in Rome relaxed and ready to enjoy all that this Eternal City has to offer, including the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the ancient masterpieces of art and architecture. An optional Vatican City tour takes you to St. Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel, and, papal schedule permitting, a public audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

Leave the city behind and travel through the Italian countryside, past olive groves and vineyards, visiting medieval hill casino spiele towns, soaring cathedrals and sunny piazzas. You’ll learn the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and marvel at Pisa’s Leaning Tower. An horoscope for aquarius is seldom concerned with problems of healthy nutrition, for this reason he suffers from problems with digestive system. optional trip to Florence will introduce the splendors of the Renaissance, and offer the opportunity to shop for leather goods and other Florentine specialties. Your final day in Italy will end with a festive Tuscan dinner where you can share your precious memories with your traveling companions.

Next October may seem like a long way off, but why not start planning now, and enjoy the anticipation? Plus, you can save money by booking early. Click here for more information, including a detailed itinerary. Or, call (866) 499-BANK and ask to speak to one of our Travel Club coordinators.


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