An Apple Adventure Awaits! Join The Standard Bank Traveler's Club!

In the early era of the American colonies, barrels of apple seeds were brought across the Atlantic Ocean for the colonists to begin and continue growing numerous orchards of apple trees. At first, apples were primarily used to make cider, but soon after, apple pies began becoming popular for being the evening dessert for children. And so came about one of the great cultural icons of Americanism, which,EX300
along with baseball, hot dogs and Chevrolet, still remains that great symbol. apple festival

As we all know, the season directly behind the hot, sunny summer season is the cool, windy fall season. But what many people may not know is, like each season, the season of fall has a specific fruit best known for that time, and that fruit is the apple. Apples are the main fruit of the season fall because this is when they are at their peak; the warm weather has the best climate-storage for the apples, and the apples are fully-seasoned in this time period.

As a community bank, Standard Bank holds great pride in each city it represents, and offers great opportunities to allow its customers chances at great experiences. Of which, the Standard Bank Traveler’s Club presents customers a chance to journey around, and this September, customers have the chance nbso to travel to Long Grove, Illinois for their annual Apple Festival, where customers can:

  • Explore over 70 distinct shops, restaurants, boutiques, cafes and galleries; all carrying unique apple-inspired treats!
  • Enjoy many outdoor activities and live music in this historic village!
  • Experience coach transportation for your journey to and from this apple-tastic location, filled with great weather and great fun!70-485

So, whether you’re in need of a new fall recipe or just want to an experience a local village’s historic event, you can discover fun and adventure on this trip to the Long Grove Apple Festival in Long Grove, Illinois this September. For information, please contact Standard Bank at 866-499-BANK, or visit for additional Traveler’s Club information!


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