Banking Choices are Not a Joke

Can you believe April is here?  To me April means spring break, baseball and April fool’s Day.  Growing up my Dad was always telling jokes and he looked forward to April fool’s Day.  Whoopee cushions, stink perfume and fake rodents were some of his tricks.  While I have not been blessed with the ability to tell a joke like my dad, I can pull off a prank with the best of them.  So watch April Foolsyour back!

You know what’s not a joke?  Choice.  There are so many options for checking and savings accounts that can fit anyone’s needs.  Whether it is saving for retirement, education or vacation Standard Bank can help.  
Our website has all of our bank products.  Whether you are looking for a checking account or savings account.

Or maybe you are thinking more long term, rather than your day-to-day life. Standard Financial Services can help you with your long-term financial goals too.  Check out our wealth management services.*

Visit any of your neighborhood Standard Bank branches to talk to a personal banker or check us out online at  To stay up to date on our financial services subscribe to the Standard Bank Blog and click here to like us on Facebook.



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