Banking Local | Support Your Community and Your Economy

Did you know that there are many advantages to banking with a neighborhood bank?  There is more to a bank than the number of ATMs they provide you.  Let us look at a few reasons why.

Benefiting the local communityNeighborhood banks drive small business through loans and other financial expertise.  Small businesses help build the economy and get people jobs.  Nationwide banks are spread everywhere and lose the local focus that provides the neighborhood benefits.Community Banks

Customer service – At a small bank you are more than a number.  Community banks know you and understand your needs because the employees and management are from the area, not some corporate office across the country.

Small business – A neighborhood bank has more in common with a small business so they understand your small business needs.  They can relate to your growing pains and can help you with more than just standard banking services.  

Technology – Many local banks now offer similar technology to that of the mega banks and most are constantly improving to keep pace.  Community banks understand that customer service and technology go hand in hand to maximize your happiness.

Community focus – Neighborhood banks support the communities of their customers and employees.  This includes local charities and events that are normally overlooked by the larger banks.  Look around to see what financial institutions are out at your community’s functions including fairs, expos, and parades.

Our employees live and work where you do, in your communities.  Banking with a local financial institution is investing in your community and economy.  Go check out one of the many neighborhood banks this week and see how a local focus can help you!



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