Banking On The Go!

Technology and banking. These two things have great influence in our everyday lives. In this day in age people are always on the run. Therefore they want their banking to be on the run too. Luckily Standard Bank offers a new service: Mobile Banking.

Mobile Banking is banking on the go. It combines Mobile Banking Logotechnology and banking into one convenient program. You don’t have to be in a bank, or by a computer to complete a series of transactions. With Mobile Banking you can:

  • Check account balances
  • View transactions
  • Transfer funds between Standard Bank accounts
  • Receive alerts about account activity

Mobile Banking is free and secure. It is also available for any account in which you can bank online with. (Checking, savings, CD’s, and loans) A vast majority of cell phones are text-based, and fully capable of managing Mobile Banking. Therefore, ultimately anybody can set up Mobile Banking!

Being a student, away from home, I find mobile banking extremely helpful.  There are no Standard Banks remotely close to U of I Urbana-Champaign yet that has no affect on my banking! Through mobile banking, I am allowed to complete transactions without having to find a bank, or even be near a computer. This way, if I’m on the run, I can quickly reach into my purse or backpack, and complete whatever transaction I need to.  I also know, through Mobile Banking, that my transactions and all of my information are safe between just me and the bank.

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