Be a Smart Student, and a Smart Banker!

Books, loans, food, and housing are just a few expenses that a student has to start paying for themselves. Being away at school, or even at home, the cost of our student living can start to add up, and drain our bank accounts. At Standard Bank, they understand that being a student, like myself, money can be tight at times. For this reason, Standard Bank was inspired to create a Student E-Checkinginline account.

This checking account acts as a perfect transition between being a dependent to being independent. With this account, a student is not yet completely independent from their parents or legal guardians. This means that if a parent or legal guardian has an existing account at Standard Bank, he or she can make a deposit into the student’s account. Along with that, if the student is under the age of 18, the parents or legal guardians are required to be a co-owner. This is an ideal cushion for both the parents and the student, because, let’s face it, as students we aren’t exactly “making bank,” and we could cry out poor. Luckily, if we do cry out poor, our parents are able to make a deposit, if they choose.

Some other perks of this account are:

  • NO monthly service fee
  • NO minimum balance requirement ($50 minimum for account opening)
  • FREE Standard Bank DebitMasterCard®
  • FREE unlimited ATM transactions per month

For more of these incredible benefits, and more information opening a Student E-Checking account, you can visit Standard Bank’s website or come into one of our conveniently located branches. If you aren’t familiar with all Standard Bank does for the neighborhoods we serve click here to like us on Facebook.



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