Checklist for Buying a Home

Now’s the time to Buy!  Rates are low!  But what is involved in the home buying process?  Whether it is your first time buyinghome buyers inline a house or 100th there is a lot to consider.  Standard Bank has compiled the attached handbook which outlines the various steps to the process.  The handbook includes a checklist as well as a glossary of common terms used throughout the home buying process. 

Take it from me, this guide is handy. I’ve been in my new place for almost a month now and there are still things I’m learning about. This guide is a great resource to refer back to and I wish I had this checklist while I was going through the process as it would have saved me a lot of time researching. I scoured the internet for days looking for a simple, easy to read guide and I came up short every time. So if you’re in the market for your first home and have questions on any step of the process download this handbook and get some piece of mind.

Standard Bank helped me secure a great rate for my mortgage and our mortgage team was always ready to help when I had questions.  A full list of our mortgage services can be found here.



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