Computer Security | Backing Up your Computer’s Files

Have you backed up the important data on your computer?  Unfortunately the Back_Up_Dataodds are you have not.  I help a lot of friends and family work on their computers, which includes recovering from malware and sometimes even worse.  This past week I received my aunt’s laptop, which she accidentally restored to factory settings.  This brought up an interesting point on what is important data.

  1. Financial Records – Obviously all your financial records are important and most are automatically backed up if you utilize online banking
  2. Documents – If you are a student or use your home computer for business, you likely have documents that would be hard to replace
  3. Multimedia – This is often where the confusion starts.  People do not realize how important their digital photos are until they are lost

Backing up all the data on your computer is the best answer.  Ironically, my aunt had a backup drive; she just never got around to plugging it in and setting it up.  Sadly to date I have been unable to recover the files that were lost due to formatting and restoring to original.  We keep your banking documents safe and secure in online banking and you should do the same for your priceless digital memories.

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