Conserving Paper by Signing up for e-Statements on Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day!  Part of Earth Day is reducing the use of our earth day estatementsprecious natural resources.  A prime example is trees as we all use a lot of paper.  Around the world humans use about 1 million tons of paper a day.  Here are some tips to save paper:

  • Think before you print – Do you really have to print that?
  • Use both sides – A piece of paper has two sides, so double its use!
  • Recycle – paper is very reusable so recycle and use recycled paper
  • Technology – email, scanners, and other devices allow you to share without printing

Did you know that every ton of recyled paper saves about 17 trees?

Technology has come a long way and has allowed you to avoid getting your financial statements in the mail.  Now that e-statements are available, you can save paper that way too.  e-Statements have many features including:

  • It is convenient!  You may view or print your e-statements any time you choose.
  • It is simple!  You will receive an email when your e-statement is ready to view online.
  • It is fast!  Your e-statement is available days before the paper statement.
  • It is secure!  Your e-statement will not be lost or stolen in the mail.
  • It is environmentally friendly!  Reduce paper waste.
  • It is FREE!

Mother Earth would approve so do your part on Earth Day by signing up for e-statements!


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