Cool Outdoor Activities for the Hot Days of Summer

1.    Go to the Beach: Plan a day in which you, your family and/or friends spend the day at the beach to hang out and cool off!

2.    Attend a Baseball Game: Check out your favorite team compete on a beautiful summer day. Head on over to  Standard Bank Stadium to see the Windy City Thunderbolts take on local rivals and represent your community!

3.    Take a Trip to the Waterpark: Whether it is water slides, wave pools, or water playgrounds that you enjoy, you will have no problem getting refreshed!

4.    Backyard BBQ: Invite family and friends over and enjoy each other’s company as well as freshly grilled and prepared food and drinks!

5.    Plan a Camping Trip: Explore the great outdoors with family, friends, or whomever. Spend the day relaxing while fishing, and the night relaxing next to a campfire!

6.    Enjoy Drive-in Movie: Drive over to a local drive-in-theater and enjoy a beloved flick under the stars!

7.    Make a Picnic: Create a delicious mixture of sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Then stroll down to a park and enjoy your lunch under the sun!

8.    Grow a Garden:  Buy flowers, plant seeds, set up decorations, and create a colorful and beautiful garden to brighten up your home or yard!

9.    Attend a Concert: Enjoy your favorite band perform at a local venue, or mix it up and attend a random concert

10.    Go on a Bike Ride: Grab a friend and ride around, either around your block or on the beach, you will get great exercise and plenty of fresh air!

11.    Stop into any of our convenient Standard Bank locations to get out of the hot weather and enjoy our cool AC!

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