Cutting Your Cable or Satellite Bill | Ways to Save Money

TV, the center of our entertainment and it is often the center of our budget woes too.  Have you found that your bill is far higher than you think it should be?  TV providers have found ways to get that bill up so you do not notice like bundling with internet and phone.  If you do this you are paying around 200 dollars.  Do you need to?  Let’s find out.

First off the phone part, 070-336
which is easy to cut if youSave Money Bills have a cell phone.  Yes it is hard to part with that old number but who really calls it other than telemarketers?  Next is internet, which admittedly is an important part of your bill.  The question is do you need that speed?  Sometimes you can downgrade your service to save a few bucks and not really notice the speed reduction.  Also you should investigate the option of buying your modem versus leasing.  It is much more cost effective.

Now the big part, your video package.  Everyone dreams of having every station but the question is what do you really need?  Do you still have an antenna?  The new HD models bring in all the stations you grew up with and now in high quality. Another source for tv programming is the internet that we mentioned earlier.  Many stations host their shows on the web after broadcast so go take a look.  Another option is to pay a provider like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime for streaming content.  Yes you are paying but the bill is much cheaper and you are getting more bang for your buck out of your internet connection.  Some may point out sports but there are plenty of sports available on regular tv as well as ESPN3.  

There are a few hurdles to this because most people do not want to watch tv on ther computer.  You will need to spend a little to do the hookup,642-832
but in the end the investment is much lower than spending 200 per year.  But in the end you need to sit down and evaulate what you really need and what you can cut.  Some may not be able to give up that video service and in that case shop around.  Most areas present a choice and you need to see which is right for your viewing needs and budget.

And do not forget to pay all your bills with bill pay.  It saves you time by making it quick and easy while saving you money on postage.  If you have any questions stop by and see us or give us a call.

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