Don’t Send Money Down the Drain | Check Your Bills for Errors

We all get more bills per month than we want to think about but do not just ignore them.  You should, or perhaps need to, look at each one, especially if you are running a tight budget.  Errors happen more than you think, even with automated billing.  Also by reviewing each of your bills, you may find opportunities to save money. Billing Errors

Most bills increase year over year due to some charge or tax, but if you do not understand do not just assume they are normal, pick up the phone and call!  Engaging the company may also allow you to get a promotional rate and save you money.  One example of this is your cable provider.  These companies often run special rates that they do not offer to current customers unless they call and ask.

As for errors you need to check, cell phones are notorious for this.  If you added a line, bought a new phone, or made any other changes, your account is prime for some additional charges.  Many times, it is just a mistake but sometimes you are automatically enrolled in a new service you did not want.

Savings on your bill are not always related to promotional rates or errors; sometimes it is just finding the right provider.  By shopping around for insurance you can often times get more coverage for less money.  All it takes is a few minutes of your time to make a few phone calls and see what is out there.  You might already have the best deal but if you are on a tight budget those are minutes well spent.

From now on when you receive those bills, whether they are electronic or paper, open them up and make sure you are comfortable with what you are paying.  If not, give them a call and talk it over.

At Standard Bank we try to find ways to make it easier for you to monitor your Bills and Statements.  One of those is to make them available to you online so you can access them anywhere and at anytime.  Sign up for e-Statements and CheckFree Bill Pay to turn off the paper and use our virtual filing cabinet to keep your banking statements and bills safe, secure, and just a few clicks away.



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