e-Statements are Safe, Secure, Convenient, and so much more!

There are many questions regarding e-Statements.  They are not right for everyone but many of the common fears are not that worrisome at all!

I do not review my statement

Do you open your statement or just throw it in the trash?  If you trash it (actually we hope you shred it) then e-Statements are an easy way to empty your mailbox.  Alternatively, if you just take the envelope and put it in a filing cabinet, e-Statements can help!

I have a computerSign up for e-Statements

If you do own a computer but do not regularly review your paper statements, you can go to online banking or come into a branch when you need a statement.  Your statements are saved so they are available when you need them.  Getting your statement when you need it instead of every month reduces the amount of paper we consume and helps to save earth’s resources.

I do not have a computer

If you do not own a computer, or if you do not have access to a computer and you do check your statement every month, then continue to receive the paper statements!  If you have access to a computer, you can log on to internet banking and print the statements you need.

I am worried about security

Internet banking provided by banks uses security on par with all the major online retailers.  That is only half the battle. You need to protect your login information.  Never write your password down where someone could find it, do not save your login information on a public computer, do not ever share your access ID or password, and change your password regularly.

I do not trust email with my personal information

e-Statements are not delivered via email – a notice stating your statement is ready is sent to your email address.  The statement is secured by online banking and is kept safe from prying eyes.

My other accounts do not need e-Statements

This may be true, but think of the convenience of having all your statements, even those accounts you share with others, filed away, ready for you, whenever you need them.  This is the perfect service for accounts you do not need to check regularly!

More useful e-Statement facts

If you are out of town or switch residences e-Statements prevents having to switch addresses or hold mail. e-Statements are GREEN, well not literally but they are an environmentally conscious decision. If security is your number one concern then e-Statements are for you because they will keep your statement from getting lost or stolen in the mail.

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