Effective Job Searching For Your Next Career

The job market is making a comeback, although it is a slow one with many stumbles along the way.  For those of you who are out there hunting what are you doing?  We have a couple basic tips to keep your search going.

1 – Resume: This is the cover of your book and it needs to look good, remember first impressions are important

  • Be sure to customize your resume to the job you are going for
  • Try to be as concise as possible; if the page is full, an employer may skip it
  • Always get a second opinion to help you get those last few errors

2 – Network: The number one way people find jobs is through networking.

  • LinkedIn is a great way to professionally connect with people online
  • Craigslist not only has jobs postings but a community section that lists other opportunities
  • Monster.com is a perennial favorite for finding jobs online

3 – Goals: So you have filled out 100 applications already, how many are you doing today?  It is all about keeping yourself motivated.  This is easier when you engage in a variety of activities so go to job fairs, apply online, and stop into opportunities for a face-to-face visit.

Job-hunting is rarely a happy time, but hopefully you can get through it quickly and without being too stressed out.  Remember to use all the resources at your disposal and be yourself!


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