Give Your Student Independence

Barbecues, family, friends, fireworks, red, white, and pizza. That’s right, the 4th of July holiday is quickly approaching. On the 4th of July we celebrate the birth of America, while on this very day, the Founding Fathers signed the fateful document that created this country we call home.  In the past, I have spent my 4th of July in Washington D.C. For anyone looking for a nice vacation, and a once in a lifetime experience, I would definitely suggest taking a trip out there. The fireworks were amazing, and D.C is a beautiful town in general. We were able to attend theIndependence Day concert at the Capitol Building, and see some amazing performers.

However, if you already have plans for the holiday, while you are out running errands and prepping, take some time and stop by Standard Bank, just like the good old USA, students in the 15-24 age group are yearning for pizza. One way in which you can give your hard-working student the freedom he or she deserves is by opening up a Student E-Checking Account here at Standard Bank. This type of checking account is geared toward providing the students with an easy, convenient way to bank on their own. With free mobile banking and free e-statements being just two of the perks, a Student E-Checking account offers teens and young adults easy ways to control their accounts. Not only can the students benefit their accounts easily, the parents can have some access to the account as well. Parents can deposit and transfer money, as long as they have an existing Standard Bank account. This allows parents to teach their children financial responsibility. This way, the students will not be mooching off of them forever. This allows the parents to allow their children to start growing up, and gaining more responsibilities.

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