Happy Thanksgiving | Community Food Drives

As you lie down to sleep at night, what comes in to your mind?  Are you thinking about the electric bill payment, problems with your job, what you’ll wear to work, if the children did their homework? What about food? Do you ever lie in bed in the dark and the quietness and wonder what you will eat tomorrow? Probably not — but there are millions of Americans who do.

Imagine wondering where the next meal will come Food Drivefrom. Imagine all the petty problems of the day compared to having an empty stomach, nothing in the cupboard and little prospects of anything changing tomorrow. Fortunately for a lot of us, food is a basic need that we don’t worry about being without.  When we want something to eat, it’s easy to run out for a quick bite at a fast food drive-through, or pick up something from the grocery store or simply prepare something in our kitchens.   Seldom do we think about if we’ll be eating the next meal, and more often we worry about what we’ll be eating instead.  

During the holidays, food takes on a special meaning in our lives. We cook traditional meals, invite guests and family to join in and, generally, eat more than we should. As the holidays approach, it’s a great time to take action and assist those who have fewer resources to prepare such festive meals.  

When you go to the grocery store, instead of just buying for yourself or your family, add one extra meal for someone who is less fortunate. Just one meal of non-perishable food items can make a tremendous difference for a person or a family.  As you go through the aisles at your grocery store, pick up canned fruits, vegetables, soup or a packaged meal that doesn’t need refrigeration. Bag up the few groceries and drop them off at a nearby food bank or organized food drive. Check out your local community papers, churches and civic organizations to see where you can drop off your donation.    

Standard Bank and Trust is hosting a food drive from November 18th -December 23rd at its Chicago-Clark Street, Chicago-Irving Park Road, Chicago-Southport, Chicago-Sheridan, Joliet, Minooka, New Lenox and Shorewood branches.  Lakeview Pantry in Chicago, Holy Family Catholic Church in Shorewood and Second Baptist Church in Joliet are designated as a few of the beneficiaries of their food collection efforts.  Please stop by one of these branches to help out others in our communities this holiday season.  Visit our Spirit of Giving website page for more details on these food drives and other charities Standard Bank is helping out this Holiday Season.  Thank you.


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