Home Insurance 101 – A comparison of coverage

Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase you will make and one of the biggest assets you will have to protect.

The Home Insurance Policy serves as protection from natural disasters, weather, unexpected damages, and civil disobedience.  Should one of these events occur to you and your home, a home insurance policy will help you eliminate any significant financial burden and assist in placing you and your family back on your feet.
House Insurance
The three most important parts of a home insurance policy are:

Dwelling Coverage – This covers the actual structure.

Personal Property – This provides protection for your personal items that are not permanently attached to the home.

Personal Liability – Provides protection against lawsuits arising from occurrences that result in a non-resident being injured on the property.

A home insurance policy can be tailored to meet your needs based on your specific situation including the addition of water backup, identity theft, home based businesses, etc.  Combining your home and auto policies with the same company can result in significant discounts for both products.

Most lenders will require you to have a home insurance policy equal to the principal of the mortgage or loan amount.  However, it is important to insure your home for Replacement Cost instead of Market Value.  Replacement cost is the cost of rebuilding the exact same home in the exact same location based on the current building costs for your community.  In today’s home market, the purchase price has been deflated but the cost to rebuild the structure if a claim occurs is significantly higher.

It is always best to discuss your options with a qualified insurance representative who will assist you in the process, from providing quotes when first searching for your home to supplying the documentation that you will need at closing and then reviewing your coverages on an annual basis to make certain that you are properly protected as your needs change.

House Insurance

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