How to make Valentine’s Day special with a thin wallet

So Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and your wallet has not recovered from Christmas yet?  Times are tough and making the other half happy on holidays can be even tougher!  There is a lot of pressure to show up with flowers, candy, and reservations to the finest French restaurant in town, 70-480
but we all know that is just Hollywood putting stereotypes into our heads for the perfect Valentine’s Day…

In an effort to fulfill the true meaning of this card holiday and keep some padding in your wallet, here are a few tips to keep you from sleeping in the doghouse (we cannot guarantee you will not end up on the couch!).  Best of luck and above all, be creative and thoughtful!
Valentine's Day Gift
1 – To start we will go back to the days when you were in school…  Write a note, get a nice looking piece of paper and a pen that has a steady stream of ink and come up with a nice poem or express how you feel.  Then, as they always say, presentation is everything.  Hide it in their car, work bag, or leave it on the mirror in the bathroom.  There are many options here so think about it.

2 – Skip the French Restaurant; they are too highbrow anyway!  Call up Mom, get a good recipe, and swing by the grocery store.  If you insist this is not in your skill set then break out the menus and order some take out.  Remember, as mentioned before, presentation is everything so put the take out on plates and get rid of the plastic containers.  Some smooth jazz, not necessarily Kenny G, and a few flowers in a vase will set the mood.

3 – For the third idea you are not the President and do not have a speechwriter but you can still do this…  Make a list, check it twice, of all their great qualities.  Shower them with your gratitude and appreciation to show why you love them.  Everyone loves a compliment!

4 – So you squeezed enough out of your wallet to go to dinner but going to a show after just is not in the cards.  Well here is an idea.  Clean the house (serious brownie points here), light some candles, music, rent a chick flick (if applicable), and dim the lights.  Romance will flow provided you can find a babysitter and the dog is behaving.

5 – And the final and most recommended gift is to make something.  Yeah I know this can be rough especially if you are not crafty but it is doable.  Making something does not necessarily have to be crafts;070-684
you can make your vacation plans or make a decision that is beneficial to your special someone.  Alternatively, you can do something like detail the car or finish off that honey do list (I know it sounds impossible).  As said before, BE CREATIVE!  …and good luck!

Happy Valentine's Day

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