Investing Basics – Mutual Funds – An Investment in Your Future

A more simplified definition of mutual funds is that they take money from many investors, and then the manager of the mutual fund takes that money and buys various stocks, bonds, mutual fundand securities with it.  Mutual funds are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world and they have many benefits.  So what exactly are those benefits?  Let us take a look.

  • When you put a stake in a mutual fund you become an owner of the investments.  Mutual funds help you attain a diverse portfolio, and diversity is key.  Putting your money in a mutual fund is also a lot cheaper then buying individual stocks.
  • Mutual funds have liquidity.  This means that you have the ability to buy and sell with ease.
  • Skilled Management.  Buying a mutual fund means you are also buying a money manager.  This money manager will then decide which investments are best for the mutual fund.  Mutual funds will cut down on your research a lot.  
  • Mutual fund shares can often be purchased in smaller amounts.  This makes it easy to get in and get started.
  • Most importantly your money in a mutual fund is safe.  The custodian of the account has a legal responsibility to protect all of the shareholders.

There are many more advantages to mutual funds.  Maybe it is time for you to consult a Trusted Financial Advisor to find out more?  Come visit your local Standard Bank Branch for more details.


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