Last Minute Shopping Ideas

Is your holiday shopping list still too long for comfort? Here are some tips to catch you back up and get rid of those sweat palms!

10. Save on speedy mailing. Use USPS Priority Mail which is a 2-3 day service that is much cheaper than their competitors

9. Donate to charity in someone else’s name which you can do online! All you need is a card which you can pick up on the way to the party!

8. Opt for practical ideas. You know the stuff people use everyday like toilet paper or laundry detergent!

7. Give the gift of yourself. You remember when you were a kid and gave IOUs? These work great, but don’t forget to honor them.

6. Order magazine subscriptions. Another last minute idea that also keeps on giving, just put a picture of the magazine in the card.

Child with presents5. Think food and drinks. Dinner, case of wine, grocery store gift cards… Everyone eats so you cannot go wrong with food!

4. Shop on Dec. 24. Why? Because the mall is wide open. Trust me I have done it before and the lines are short!

3. Buy gift cards. Yeah they might not be the most personal gift out there, but you can one stop shop for them at the grocery store!

2. Send electronic gift certificates. Great for the last minute gift and you are not going to be there to deliver it.

1. Do your online shopping TODAY. Express shipping is always an option but why wait any longer? Get it done and enjoy the season!

What do you do for last minute shopping?

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