Learn how to avoid late fees by using Online Bill Pay

Someone famous once said, “Online Bill Pay is the greatest thing since power door locks.”  Okay we made that up, but trust us when we say that Bill Pay is a very handy tool.  Bill Pay offers a wide range of benefits, but the best feature it provides is that it saves time.

Online Bill Pay services save time and money by allowing you to electronically pay your bills from the comfort of your home or work computer, as long as the boss is not looking!  Running out of stamps is no longer going to come between you and getting your bills paid on time…

Between 2000 and 2010, the number of houses using Bill Pay increased nearly eight fold.  As you can see people are using it but what is in it for you?
Online Bill Pay
Online Bill Pay is both convenient and secure.  It saves time and most importantly money by eliminating trips to the post office and the other supplies associated with bills such as envelopes and checks.  Not to sound like an infomercial…  But wait there’s more!

    Avoid Late Fees – Many Bill Pay services have built in alerts to help you manage due dates and…
    Automation – There is no need to hit the pay button every month.  Bill Pay allows you to automatically send the money on a given day each month.

    Speed – After the initial setup everything is saved on the secure Bill Pay site so you just login and enter the bill amount, choose the day and pay.  You can even pay multiple bills at once to reduce the stress on your click finger!

    Accessibility – You can pay your bills from anywhere without wondering what address to mail it to.  Bill Pay saves everything so it is at your fingertips wherever you go and…

    Electronic Statements – With Electronic Statements, you have the bill wherever you are as well.  These online statements also provide you a storage site for all of your bills so you always know where to look for them.

    Security – Bill Pay helps you avoid one of the most common means of identity theft, mail theft.  Bill Pay uses the most current technology to protect your data.  Multiple layers of security are always used and being updated to stay ahead.

The paperless world is expanding and perhaps it is time for you to think about joining it?  There are so many benefits with everything consolidated in one spot, no paper to lose and you have access anywhere.  Online Bill Pay is the quickest, safest, and most convenient way to pay bills.

Online Bill Pay

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