Make This Father’s Day Extra Special

The day was June 19th, 1910. A new holiday was born in the United States. For the past one hundred and two years, we have dedicated the third Sunday in June to celebrate Father’s Day. Some may call it a “hallmark holiday,” and inlineothers may show great gratitude and thanks toward their father on this day. No matter if you celebrate it or not, you cannot walk through a store without gifts for fathers being advertised. There always seems to be an extra shipment of wallets, neck ties, and sporting gear in the stores. Moms are taking their children to the craft store so they can make their daddy something extra special. Whether it is barbeques with the entire family, or a fancy dinner in the city, father’s day is widely celebrated in the US. In my family, we have a party with my entire dad’s side. This gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate, and acknowledge our grandpa and uncles. Father’s day is not very literal. You can show gratitude towards anyone who has been a father figure in your life.  

One product in which my dad uses here at Standard is a health savings account. With three kids, my parents never know when one of us will have a medical emergency. Therefore, my dad opened up a HSA account last year. This allows him and my mom to control healthcare costs, save for retirement, and gain tax advantages. My dad also likes the fact that it is a savings account, not another form of insurance. For more information on HSA accounts you can visit the page.

Once your Father’s Day festivities are over, come by Standard Bank and open up your very own HSA account. Enjoy your holiday!



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