March Madness is sweeping across the country!!

Every year around this time a mysterious ailment spreads across the country.  The thump of basketballs, the squeak of sneakers, and the roar of the crowd are sure signs that basketball fever is upon us.  It’s a condition called “MARCH MADNESS,” and it afflicts millions of people – with no known cure.


Interestingly, the term “March Madness” was originally coined back in 1939 for Illinois High School basketball teams and not the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  Over the years the college teams that hosted this tournament eventually participated in them and changed the tournament to what we watch today.

This year celebrates the 75th NCAA March Madness Tournament and it is set to start on March 19th and end Monday, April 8th.  During this time, students – past, present and future – all over the country gather to cheer on their school’s teams in hopes of winning the championship title.

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