Memorial Day Weekend – A Few Important Facts

Memorial Day is often the holiday Americans use to signify the beginning of summer.  It also means so much more.  Many events happen that weekend usually including family such as cookouts, beach trips, auto racing, and fireworks.Memorial Day One

This holiday started out after the Civil War as Decoration Day in 1868.  Americans would decorate the graves of soldiers of the civil war.  As the years went on it has become a holiday that commemorates US Soldiers who died while in military service.  The name Memorial Day slowly became the popular name after World War II.  In 1967, it became the official name.

Memorial Day is observed by displaying your flag at half-staff until noon when it is displayed at full staff.  The half-staff position remembers those who are lost and the full staff celebrates those who still fight.  Many families engage in Memorial Day activities such as cookouts followed by fireworks.  These activities are more tied to the observed three-day weekend and the nice weather than celebrating the true meaning of the holiday.  There have been attempts to move Memorial Day back to its traditional holiday on May 30th instead of the floating last Monday to help restore its ‘true meaning.’

How will you be celebrating Memorial Day this year?

Memorial Day Two

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