Need an Investment Professional?

There are many reasons to seek the services of an investment professional.  You may be in financial trouble, planning for retirement, saving for college, or even looking for advanced investment opportunities.  All of these are excellent reasons to seek a pro’s help.  investment

Before you seek an investment advisor, there are a few steps that you should take. First, identify your financial goals so that you know what kind of assistance you need.  Next, learn about the different types of investment advisors that are available, what they offer and how they are paid.  Before making a final decision, meet face-to-face and learn how you can expect to work with them.  Make sure you understand every document you are asked to sign.

Once you have selected an investment professional, it’s important to build a strong working relationship based on mutual trust.  You are going to want to make sure they are communicating with you in a way you understand.  When you first meet, let them know your expectations.  Clearly tell them how you would like to communicate and how often. Regular feedback to your investment professional is important because it will indicate if they are satisfying or not meeting your expectations.

Factors That Make Every Investor Unique

Goal Setting
Look at how-to-invest resources to help you determine your goal: growth, income or some combination of the two. Because your goal may be different than their other clients, make sure you are getting the best instructions to maximize your investments.

Tax Considerations
Studies of investment performance often ignore the damage inflicted by income taxes. After the IRS takes its share from dividends, federal and corporate bond interest, and realized capital gains, theoretically high returns sink to unsatisfactory lows.  Make sure that your investment professional is keeping track of your income bracket and other tax considerations to ensure more profit.

Personal Needs and Circumstances
In addition to possessing a personal assortment of investment goals, you may also have a unique set of financial and family circumstances.  You may have special income needs because you are helping out aging parents or your children.  Inform your financial advisor about your situation so it is taken into consideration.

Portfolio Supervision

Serious investing is a full-time job. Seeking investment advisory and investment management services put experienced investment professionals on your side.  The advisor assigned to your account will work with you to establish an investment strategy suited to your personal goals and circumstances.  To get started, contact a Standard Bank financial advisor by clicking the image below.



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