New Year’s Eve Rekindle Old and Inspire New Traditions

Everyone looks forward to New Year’s Eve as a chance for a new beginning; an opportunity to better yourself and make way for a more positive outlook on your life. To help bring in the New Year, here are some activities that can make your holiday as enjoyable as possible:

5. Create a Time Capsule – Before you ring in the New Year, fill a box containing all your favorite items and memories of 2012 and bury or hide it somewhere until next New Year’s Eve.


4. Throw a Party – This is the night to enjoy food, family and friends. Instead of eating out on New Year’s Eve invite family and friends over to help cook an amazing dinner. Play fun activities, sing and dance to your favorite music, talk about old memories while creating new ones. Most of all, treasure the time spent together with family and friends. You can turn your New Year’s Eve Party into an event that will be remembered long into the New Year.

3. Balloon-Pop Countdown – Blow up 12 balloons representing each hour until the New Year, and every hour pop a balloon until the clock strikes midnight for the last blast of the year.

2. Enjoy the Snow – Weather permitting; make a day out of New Year’s Eve for some last minute skiing, snowboarding, sledding or build a snowman.

1. Travel via television to Times Square in New York City – Witness the famous Ball-Drop of New Year’s Eve as the entire city of New York counts down the final seconds until the New Year!

For all your exciting traditions and activities this New Year’s Eve, make sure you have appropriate funds to make your New Year’s Eve something to remember!  Don’t be slowed down by a cash shortage. Use your Standard Bank Debit MasterCard®. It’s fast, convenient and safe.

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