Physical and Financial Health | Standard Bank Health Day

Physical and financial health goes hand in hand.  There have been many studies that show the correlation between the two.  When people get their financials taken care of, there is less of a strain on the mental aspect of their lives.  There is no doubt that in today’s economy, people are suffering financially more then they would like to.  There is no reason that your physical health should be affected by your personal financials.  Many people take care of their physical needs by making a doctors visit, even when they are healthy.  However, many people do not turn to a financial advisor or banker until things get bad.  Why wait?  Meeting with a financial advisor can help you in many ways, such as diversifying your financial opportunities, knowledge from experts and possibly higher returns on your investments.

Going to meet with a personal financial advisor should not be a daunting task, getting your finances taken care of will help you in all aspects of life.  Standard Bank is aware of the relationship between physical and financial health.  That is why during our Grand Opening Week, at our new Evergreen Park branch, we will be hosting a Health Day.

During Health Day, we have nurses and personal bankers to meet your needs physically and financially!

Your physical and financial health is important to us here at Standard Bank.  We want the outcome for you to be one of a healthy mind and body.  Health Day will be held Wednesday, August 10th from 9AM-5PM and will include the following:

  • 2 Nurses from Little Company of Mary Hospital will be on site to perform the following: blood pressure testing, BMI (Body Mass Index) and Pulse Oximetry, a test that monitors the oxygen saturation of your blood and gives and indication of your cardio-respiratory status.
  • Healthy food and beverages such as granola bars, pretzels, fruits and much more!
  • Free health related giveaways.


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