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Constructing a resume to stand out is essential to landing the right job.  Many people leave their resume out of date or simply leave out some key highlights.  All of this can be avoided with some simple precautions and updates.  Resume Refresh

  • Be concise and to the point – Lengthy resumes going into detail about your accomplishments is not particularly a good idea.  Keep it short and stick to the point.  It is best to keep a resume at one to two pages
  • Easy to read – Double check to make sure that your resume is easy to read and that you use bullet points, capital letters, bolding and the proper margins and spacing.     
  • Eliminate irrelevant information – Any information that is not related to your career goals should be eliminated from your resume
  • Key sections to include – Depending on your career field, the order of sections in your resume may be different.  Here are some sections that should not be left out: summary, major achievements, employment history, education, and training.  Optional attributes to put on a resume include language skills, certifications, software that you may be familiar with or any other accomplishments you feel should be included
  • Grammar – Make sure your resume is error free.  Have someone proof read your resume a couple of times
  • Action Verbs – Action verbs tend to stand out more to employers.  Also, try to avoid pronouns

It is a tough job market but hopefully something like a simple tweak to a resume can be the difference in landing that interview or job.  Good luck!


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