Reward Yourself with Prewards for your Debit Card

Standard Bank is excited to offer a NEW debit card reward program called “Prewards” to all of our Debit MasterCard customers. Prewards Debit Card 

Prewards, like coupons, are digital incentives linked to your Standard Bank Debit MasterCard.  Merchants in the Prewards network link these digital incentives to your account for you to enjoy at their place of business.  You do not have to do anything to get Prewards except register for the program and shop at the participating merchants in-store and/or online.     

No clipping or printing.  

Save on qualifying purchases just by simply using your Standard Bank Debit MasterCardFOR FREE!  A credit will automatically appear on your checking account within 1 day of purchase.  This is an easy way to save money at places you already shop when using your Standard Bank Debit MasterCard. 

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It only takes a few minutes to setup your FREE Prewards account.  Click here to sign up now! 

  • Register your debit card on our customized website.    
  • View your available Prewards within 24 hours.  
  • Use your card at any of the merchants listed on your Prewards account according to their terms.  
  • Receive credit to your checking account once the transaction has been made.

You can opt-in to receive weekly updates on your current Prewards via e-mail and text message.

Start using your card at participating retailers and we’ll even send you an e-mail or text message confirming your Preward has been redeemed.

You can also view your Prewards used, available savings, and savings history by logging into your Prewards account.  



*The retailers listed above are for illustration purposes only. Participating retailers and offers are subject to change.  All company and product names and logos are the property of their respective entities and their use does not imply endorsement of or an association with the Prewards® Program.

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