Save Money While Paying your Bills on Time

In case you have not heard the United States Postal Service is losing money, and lots of it.  This is due to a variety of reasons including a shift to email.  I have read they are thinking about cancelling Saturday service but that has not been approved yet.  In an effort to save money, they have come up with another plan and are closing many of their mail processing centers.  This is going to change delivery times on first class postage by adding 1-2 days to delivery times.
past due
This is the perfect time to take advantage of two of the many features your bank offers you.  It is time to sign up for online banking and enroll in bill pay.  Not only does this allow you to check your balance anytime, anywhere.  It also allows you the ability to pay your bills with the same flexibility without the need for postage or wondering if it is going to make it on time.  Online banking also gives you access to e-statements so you can turn off the paper and get free secure storage of your statements.

I love the Post Office just as much as the next person, but to me online bill pay just makes cents, in my pocket.  Come into a branch or give is a call if you have any other questions or just want a demo so you can see how banking online can make things easier.

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