Save Through Summer Gas Prices

There is never a bad time to start saving, and with the summer being well underway, we at Standard Bank believe the time is now. Although gas prices seem to overwhelm people, there is no need to worry,vcp-510 exam
as there are many ways you can save on fuel costs throughout the summer. Here are some of the ways you can achieve better fuel efficiency this summer:Save Gas Money

  • Accelerating/Braking: Accelerating too quickly or braking too hard can drastically decrease your fuel efficiency, as there is a higher gas intake during a rapid acceleration than a slowly-increasing acceleration. Also, hard braking means there was unnecessary acceleration, which causes fuel loss
  • Windows or A/C: When driving at speeds lower than 45 mph it is good to have your windows rolled down, as anything over 50 mph can sufficiently reduce your fuel efficiency by decreasing the aerodynamics of your car.
  • Tire Pressure: Make sure your car’s tire pressures are at the proper inflation level, as even with a slightly less level in tire pressure you can lose significant fuel efficiency.
  • Unnecessary Weight: If there’s ever a reason to clean out your car, obtaining good fuel efficiency is one. By removing excess, or dead weight in your car, you can save a significant amount on fuel costs, as heavier cars cause worse fuel efficiency.
  • Carpool: The best way to increase your fuel efficiency is to carpool. By driving with family, friends or co-workers in the minimum amount of cars as possible, you will save a great deal on your fuel costs, just as long as you aren’t the one driving each timeVCP-510

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