Saving Money in College | Textbooks Edition

For any College student, they know that there is a deep cost for the participation of their studies, that is, the cost of schoolbooks.  Schoolbooks are Save Moneyrarely provided for in a college setting, which leaves most schoolbooks to be recommended if not required.1Y0-258
  For those students who participate in continuously buying a required, but expensive book from a top-shelf book store, and are tired of paying too much for your book, this is for you.  Instead of buying a new textbook, you can: 

  • Rent your Textbooks– Many websites, libraries and bookstores offer the capability of renting your textbooks.  For a fraction of the price you would pay for a brand new book, you can rent your book for a designated period.
  • Buy Used Textbooks– Besides renting capabilities, websites, libraries, and bookstores also provided the possibility to buy used books.  With buying used books, you can buy the book at a heavy discounted price, and walk away with your ideal textbook, although in a slightly poorer condition.
  • Share Textbooks– Along with a friend or multiples friends, a great way to save money is by sharing your textbook.  With the participation of a friend,1Y0-259
    you can split the costs of your textbooks, with the only downside being deciding who gets to study first.

All this can be done using your Standard Bank Debit Card.  This makes purchasing online items, such as school textbooks, much easier and safer.
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