Saving Money in College | Watching the Budget

In today’s world, college is already expensive as it is, so there is no reason for your child to be spending even more money.  Last week we talked about how to save money on textbooks.  As we all know there are many small things that a younger adult can do to save a little extra money.  Many of these tips may be basic; however, these tips may not be something that you or your children often keep in mind.  Some of these points may actually help an adult too.Balanced Budget College

  • Track your spending– Hold onto receipts for a month, at the end of the month add up all the receipts and see where your expenses need to be cut down
  • Do not buy a new ink cartridge– Buying a new ink cartridge is expensive; there are many stores such as Walgreens that will refill your ink cartridges for cheap
  • Find specials– This one applies to college students specifically, every college campus has many local shops with discounts for students
  • Buy in bulk– Buying in bulk is cheaper for many reasons.  There is less packaging involved in bulk items, so the customer gets the benefit of saving money
  • Do not shop hungry– This is something many people do not think about.  When someone shops on an empty stomach, especially a college student, chances are more food will be purchased
  • Do not chase trends– The newest and most popular trends often require spending a lot of money, try, and stay away
  • Netflix– Netflix can be as cheap as eight dollars per month.  Why rent a movie with friends when you can watch it instantly
  • University jobs– Many universities have jobs available right on campus, if your child is looking for a job this may be a good place to start
  • Part time job– Not only does having a job provide income, but also this can open doors to future job opportunities for your son or daughter
  • Brita filter- Buying a Brita filter for tap water will eliminate buying as much bottled water

Here a few other ideas to name a few: carpool, skip delivery, try to leave the air conditioning off, cut down on food portions, withdraw from an ATM in lump sums to avoid fees and get a family cell phone plan.  There are so many ways to save money and we are here to help.  Be sure to visit a branch or give is a call at (866) 499-2265 if you have any questions about your account.

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