Saving Money this Holiday Season

Tips to save money this holiday season! And remember keep your purse, wallet, and valuables safe while shopping!

Tip 1: Use a detailed shopping list. By writing down all the presents and people you need to buy for you prevent accidental spending.1Y0-252

Tip 2: Make your own gift. Put your skills to use, or those of a friend, and make something extra special for your loved one.

Tip 3: Have you thought about magazine subscriptions? They are useful, budget friendly, and they keep on giving for months!

Tip 4: Buy Books. It is often said people don’t read enough so let’s change that. Books can be found cheap and shared with others.

Tip 5: Bulk Buying. This is how Wal-Mart passes on the low prices. Buy the same gift for people who don’t know each other.

Tip 6: Grab Bag or Secret Santa. Only buy one nice gift instead of one for the whole family and either play a game or pull out of a hat.

Piggy BankTip 7: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. Gift Bags, tissue paper, Sunday comics, boxes and etc are all reusable so do not waste money buying new!

Tip 8: Digitize your greeting cards. Email greetings are not the most personal thing in the world but they do save postage and paper…

Tip 9: Rewards Points. Do you have them? If so you can often cash them in for great gifts, even gift cards!

Tip 10: Shop online, it is quick and easy while saving gas and often tax. Most retailers even have offers for free shipping too!

Tip 11: Save at home. You can always pad your shopping budget by saving other places, so turn off the lights early and eat out less.

Tip 12: Shop with your debit card, cash, or check. Go shopping with only as much cash as you can comfortably spend, forget the credit card.

Thanks for reading our holiday tips! How do you save money during the Holiday Season??1Y0-256

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