Smart Shopping | How to Save on Your Holiday Shopping

The season of buying and giving is upon us…  At this point, we are knee deep in it but I am sure there are still many of us that are behind on our shopping.  I changed things up this year and started shopping early and so far, I like the change.  I do not believe all the deals happen the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  There are great deals out there throughout the season.  I have some tips and tricks to help find them.

  • Sale Papers – Scour the sale papers, the ads are worth paying for the paper.
  • Smart Phone Applications – There are a number of smart phone applications that allow you to scan a product while in store and see if you are getting the best price.  I do this all the time and often buy the product with my debit card from my phone while in the store.  I use Red Laser and Amazon Price Check regularly.
  • Online Shopping – Find stores that do not charge tax and offer reduced or free shipping.  This is a more convenient and effective way to shop.  You can hit multiple stores faster than you can drive to one.

These tips should help you save a few dollars that you can spend, donate, or keep it in the bank!  Have a safe and happy holiday shopping season.



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