Standard Bank helps District 230 Career Internship Students Develop Job Skills

Standard Bank takes pride in partnering with the communities we serve.  This week, we’d like to spotlight our collaboration with Consolidated High School District 230 in helping build future leaders in our communities through their Career Internship Program.  Students who are enrolled in the Career Internship Program are recommended by their teachers to be interviewed by participating businesses such as Standard Bank.  Standard Bank offers one internship opportunity for each school in the district – Victor J. Andrew High School in Tinley Park, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School in Palos Hills and Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park.  The internship is for an entire school year – August through June – and when it ends, the student may apply for an available permanent position.
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This is the first year Standard Bank has been participating in the Career Internship Program.  The students have been working with our branch teams in Palos Park (119th and 131st) and in Orland Park (159th).  Depending on their academic schedules, they may work approximately 15 hours a week.  They are trained to greet and thank customers, complete customer transactions, answer questions and make appropriate product recommendations.  They learn bank policies and procedures while working with the branch manager, teller supervisor and other coworkers to achieve branch goals.  They may also participate in community events.

District 230’s mission with this program has been to help students develop workplace skills so that they can become more independent and meet the needs of today’s employers.  It helps bridge the transition from high school to the workforce.  Cathy Wojcik, Business Teacher and Career Internship Coordinator from Andrew High School, said with this program, “the students have the “luxury” of having a teacher guide them with their development of the skills being learned.  Within the classroom, we learn and practice soft skills.  The students bring back to the classroom experiences they had at work, so we can all learn from the different types of situations that occur.”

Carl Sandburg High School teacher, Megan Nelson said the program is beneficial to students because they have someone with them every day that supports them through problems at the workplace and in life.  “We become mentors more than teachers in many cases because the students come in with so many stories and issues that they are dealing with on a daily basis in the workplace.  They are also able to gain knowledge and experience in areas that their specific employers are requiring of them through the program.  We try to tailor it to their needs.”

Palos Park Branch Manager, Barb Kopca says the program has been successful for the bank and the kids.  “It’s great to be a part of helping students learn fundamental work skills that they can take with them in any aspect of their life.  We find it mutually beneficial and rewarding.”   Standard Bank plans to continue to provide internship opportunities to students in this program.

Cathy Wojcik added, “We truly appreciate Standard Bank partnering with us for the Career Internship Program.  The ability to provide students with a real, professional working environment helps them develop workplace skills at a much younger age.”  Students who are interested can speak to an advisor at their high school.vcp-510 exam dumps

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