Staying Local: Advantages of Picking a Neighborhood Bank

Many people today may not know that there is a significant difference between a larger nationwide bank and your local neighborhood bank.  There are many potential rewards to banking with your local or neighborhood bank:Local Community Bank

  • Benefiting the local community– Local banks tend to invest their resources into local small business, which in turn is an investment into your local neighborhood or community.  Nationwide banks on the other hand may have their deposits going across the country far outside your community. 
  • Customer service– It is no secret that customer service can be considerably better at local banks.  When a customer has a problem, it is great to know that you can sit down with someone who knows your name and is easily accessible.
  • Small business– Because most local banks are in fact small business, they understand the needs of small business owners.  Most of the loans from local banks go to the local small businesses.
  • Technology– Some people may be under the impression that their neighborhood bank may not have the technology such as online banking to match the larger corporate banks.  Today, many of the local banks are making drastic improvements to their infrastructure THIS GIF OF ORLANDO BLOOM CONFRONTING dress up justin bieber games IS AMAZING http://t. to match that of the larger banks.
  • Community focus– When engaging in activities such as making loans, local banks might not use your credit score as the only criteria.  Other factors may be taken into consideration.  In addition, local banks tend to donate to various causes in the local communities.

Our employees live and work where you do, in your local community.  These are just a few reasons as to why a neighborhood bank may be for you.  Investing in your local bank is investing in your community and economy. 

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