Summer Funds!

As the weather is warming up many of us have already started planning all sorts of activities and vacations. Planning these events can be fun but paying for them is a different story. Carrying cash or checks can be a headache and somewhat risky, while credit cards hit you with a high interest rate.

inline debit card

A free Standard Bank Debit MasterCard®  provides you with a safe and easy solution. Debit cards can function in two ways – like an ATM card for immediate withdrawals of cash or like a check when making purchases. Our Online Debit MasterCard Application is fast, secure and free.

Debit Cards are:

  • Easy to obtain. Opening a Standard Bank checking or savings account will also give you access to our free Debit MasterCard®.
  • Convenient.  Unlike a check, when using a debit card for a purchase, personal identification is usually not needed, speeding up the process.
  • Safe.  You don’t have to carry cash or a checkbook.
  • Readily accepted.  Accepted most everywhere MasterCard® is worldwide.

But remember to:

  • Guard your debit card against loss or theft.  Keep it in a safe place just like cash, credit cards or checks.
  • Notify your financial institution immediately if you lose your debit card.  You will probably want to close your account and open a new one.
  • Choose a PIN number that only you know.  Don’t use your phone number or birthday.
  • Guard your PIN number.  Memorize it and never write it on your card.
  • Keep receipts from all your debit card transactions.
  • Review your statements immediately and investigate any unknown transactions.

To get your free Standard Bank Debit MasterCard®Click here to apply now or stop by any of our convenient locations.

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