Ten Gardening Tips to Green Up Your Yard and Life

There are many ways to be green from saving power to gardening.  Here are a few ways to help get your yard into shape this spring.

Garden with children – Give them their own space in the yard for planting flowers or vegetableseStatements

Sharpen your tools – It makes gardening work much easier to do

Plant some evergreens – They add year-round color and texture

Do a spring clean up – Cut perennials back that were not pruned in the fall

Prune shrubs and trees – Yearly management is the best way to prevent overgrowth

Construct a patio – There are many styles available and planning will save time and money.

Mulch – Install it around plants to help with weed control and retain moisture while adding beauty.

Plant more in your vegetable garden – When planting tomatoes, plant pole beans, and squash in the same area.  Beans will climb tomatoes, and squash plants will act as ground cover, which maintains moisture for all.

Recycle your water – Catch rainwater in a large plastic barrel from a downspout.  Cut a hole on the side and insert a PVC spout/tap high enough for it to gravity-feed into a watering can.

Talk to your local professionals – Knowledgeable people can save you money and time by tapping into their years of experience.

All these outdoor improvements will do a lot for your local environment.  Why not help everyone’s environment and switch to safe and convenient eStatements while saving a few trees?


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