The 2010 IRA Contribution Window is still open

We all know IRAs are an important piece of the retirement puzzle.  That is why you should not miss an opportunity to contribute to yours and maximize your chance to reach your goals!

The IRA Contribution window for a given year starts on the first of January and closes on tax day of the following year.  For 2010 that means that January 1st, 2010 was the beginning and April 18th, 2011 is the close.  That means you still have time to make your 2010 contributions!  For all of you that file for tax extensions those do not apply to IRAs so be sure to make your 2010 contributions no later than April 18th.

A quick tip on prior year contributions so the money is not allocated into 2011 is to make your custodian aware of your intentions.  If you do not specify then the custodian will assume it is for 2011, because the contribution was made in 2011.  If you are unsure of the process be sure to contact your custodian for full details. For more information feel free to contact a personal banker!


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