The ABC’s of Interviewing

Interviewing can be nerve racking…right?  Well, below are some tips to help you ace your next interview and perhaps land you that position!

  • A-Arrive about 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview time…no earlier unless instructed.  Showing up too early can throw off the interviewer’s day and schedule.Interview
  • B-Bring your resume and reference information, make sure your resume includes your previous work experience and educational/training background.  It’s a good idea to bring a few copies…you never know who you might meet that day.
  • C-Call if you are running late…nothing is worse than showing up late to an interview.  Leave plenty early to make sure you are there on time (but not too early), if you are lost…call, everyone has a phone number and explain the situation.  Lastly, if you are late to the interview apologize for the inconvenience…everyone’s time is valuable.
  • D-Directions ask for them and even drive to the interview location prior to your interview.  D also stands for…your DRIVE!  Show the interviewer your drive through your body language and your verbal communication.  
  • E-Evaluate yourself…know your strengths, weaknesses, goals, objectives, skills and performance prior to the interview.  Remember, that is what an interview is for…to find out about you, so know yourself!

Standard Bank prides itself on finding some of the best talent, right in the neighborhoods that we service.  We hope this interviewing information is useful to anyone who is looking for a new career.  To view a list of Standard Bank’s current job openings click this link or the banner below:



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