Those crazy QR codes

So what exactly is a QR Code?

QR Code

A QR Code or Quick Response Code is a type of barcode. Traditionally, barcodes are seen in everyday life on consumer products and are used to scan for product prices at the checkout line. Unlike a bar code, a QR Code consists of black square dots arranged in a square pattern (usually on a white background).

More recently, with the advent of “Smart Phones” equipped with cameras, these QR codes have become a popular means to access Web pages or messages. Marketers love to use QR codes to provide a direct connection for more information to consumers and track results.

So how do you use QR codes? In order to use QR Codes, you will need a camera phone with a “QR Code reader” installed. Head to your Smartphone’s app store where you can find many available readers for free.

Now that you have installed a QR Code reader you can now simply launch the application, ‘scan’ a QR Code with your device camera and see what happens next. Try it out!

Here are a couple examples of QR Codes.


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