Why You Should Still Subscribe to Your Local Paper

As we have all probably noticed, there has been a decline in the newspaper industry.  Many papers have shutdown or consolidated operations to stay profitable.  In an era where news is digested by the minute, newspapers often feel behind the curve.  I can tell you my household still subscribes to the newspaper, actually we receive two on Sundays.  I read almost all of my news online as I am in front of a computer all day and on my Smartphone during the rest of my waking hours but thereLocal Newspaper are still reasons why paying for the newspaper is worth it.

  1. Having it in front of you– I stare at a screen all day so reading something on paper is a weird pleasure I appreciate
  2. Usually Pays for Itself– Our household pays $1.50 a week to get the paper 6 times a week and a second paper on Sunday.  That are many coupons and my wife does a good job taking advantage of them
  3. Local Focus– I really enjoy the local focus of the Southtown Star, we get it 6 times a week.  This paper has a lot more positive news in it than I find online along with some great features that are specific to our area
  4. Low Cost– The Newspaper is probably the cheapest bill we pay so it is not breaking the bank.  Yes, I know I have said before that every dollar counts, and it does, but sometimes you just have to spoil yourself
  5. Support Your Economy– The local newspaper is an integral part of the local economy.  Even as the world moves digital, the newspaper remains a huge part of the local economy that businesses depend on

It obviously helps when you can get a deal on the paper so try not to pay full price.  We get the Chicago Tribune on Sundays via a Groupon deal.  Look at your local papers and decide for yourself if it is a solid investment.  Have a great week.

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