Winter isn’t over yet!

The calendar says that spring is right around the corner and with the unusually warm temperatures we are experiencing, we have a tendency to forget that there are still many days of winter left and that means winter driving conditions as well.  Many people take the time to create a weather disaster kit at home in case of power outages, etc., but don’t consider the importance of having one in their vehicle as well. 


You can purchase a pre-made car weather safety kit or build your own but if you purchase a pre-made one, be sure you are familiar with the contents and the ways to use them.

Recommended items are:

  1. Blankets or sleeping bags
  2. Flashlight with extra batteries
  3. First aid kit with knife/scissors
  4. High-calorie, non-perishable food & drink
  5. A shovel and a bag of sand (or cat litter) for tire traction
  6. Jumper cables
  7. Flat tire repair kit
  8. A compass and road maps–GPS/cell phones may not work if the battery is dead
  9. Extra clothing for all of the vehicle occupants including shoes/boots


  1. Fully check and winterize your vehicle well before the winter season begins including your tire tread.
  2. Keep your gas tank as full as possible to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.
  3. Check air pressure frequently as tires deflate in cold weather.
  4. Try not to travel alone, especially in unfamiliar places and let someone know your timetable and primary/alternate routes.  Stay with your vehicle if stranded.

Information provided by The National Safety Council and The Boulevard Inc.*, a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Bank & Trust Co. and an independent insurance agency with agents licensed in Illinois and Indiana with a combined experience in the industry of over 50 years.

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