You Deserve to be Rewarded | Rewards Checking Gets You High Interest

A Rewards Checking Account is one of the best products banks have to offer.  There are many great features topped off with a great interest rate.  I find that the requirements are easy to meet and the rate is worth it anyway!  Here is a list of some of the benefits!rewards checking new

  1. FDIC insured
  2. Can get an account with no fees or minimums
  3. Some requirements: setup direct deposit, use online statements and online banking, login to your account at least once a month, use your debit card for a minimum number of times per month, transactions must post to your account no later than the qualification period
  4. A debit card is easier to obtain than a credit card
  5. Use your debit card to make purchases
  6. Avoid finance, interest charges, and late fees
  7. When making online purchases use your debit card as a credit card
  8. Returning goods or canceling services treated the same as cash
  9. You do not have to carry cash or a checkbook with you

As you can see Rewards Checking Accounts are a great product to consider at your bank.  It is so much easier to keep all my money in my high interest checking account and not have to worry about transferring it back and forth from account to account.  Come by a branch or give Standard Bank a call to ask about our my green checking today!



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