Your Business Keeps You Busy Enough, Try CompuPay Today!

Standard Bank knows that building, maintaining and growing a business these days is challenging. In addition to the everyday requirements of running a business, business owners and managers who process their own payroll face the pressures of timely payroll data entry and calculations, the ever-changing tax laws, the complexities of state and local jurisdictions, quarterly and annual tax returns, just to name a few.

That is why more and more businesses like yours have chosen CompuPay’s payroll services.

Outsourcing payroll helps reduce costscompupay 2 and workload, freeing up time to take care of what’s really important: attending to your clients and growing your business.

Standard Bank has partnered with CompuPay to make payroll simple and cost-effective, regardless of your company’s size. As a payroll client, you can take advantage of a full range of payroll services including:

  • A variety of payroll processing methods- phone, fax, PC and online.
  • Nationwide payroll tax filing and compliance- CompuPay handles your payroll tax payments and filings for all national, state and local agencies with a penalty-free guarantee.*
  • Multiple check, direct deposit and paycard options- Check options include overnight delivery of signed and sealed checks.
  • Bundled pricing with no hidden fees- CompuPay bundles essential services together for one low fee.
  • Personalized customer service provided by a team of payroll professionals- Many of CompuPay’s payroll specialists are certified by the American Payroll Association.
  • Payroll for businesses with one to 5,000 employees- CompuPay offers payroll services specifically designed for small and large businesses.

Additionally, payroll with CompuPay provides access to meaningful benefits such as section 125 plans, workers’ compensation insurance and affordable 401(k) plans. CompuPay offers a selection of employer benefits to help you attract and retain the best employees.

For more information about payroll with CompuPay, contact our payroll experts today.


*CompuPay will pay any tax penalties for inaccurate or late tax remittances and filings as long as the data provided is on time, complete and accurate and your accounts are properly funded.

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